Team Building in Paradise: Organising a Productive Company Retreat


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Planning a corporate retreat that combines productivity with pleasure is an art, and at Lancemore Hotels, we have perfected this blend. Set in Australia’s most picturesque locations, from the Mornington Peninsula to the lush landscapes of Macedon Ranges, our venues offer the ideal backdrop for corporate gatherings that are both engaging and refreshing.

A Trip Tailored to Your Objectives

Every company has unique goals for its retreat, and our dedicated team at Lancemore is committed to curating experiences that meet your needs. We specialise in helping you achieve that purpose with our excellent facilities and accommodations. Reward your team with a break from daily work to focus on your specific goal. 


Designed to align with your objectives, ensuring a productive and memorable experience, you’ll find the perfect balance between team building, strategic planning and strengthening relationships with us.

Extensive Selection of Engaging Activities

Beyond the meeting room, our hotels offer a variety of activities that foster team spirit and collaboration. Engage in team-building exercises, outdoor adventures, or interactive workshops, all designed to strengthen bonds and encourage creative thinking. These activities leave an impression and will be the topic of conversation between your team.


  • Sports & Adventure: Polo, Golf, Archery, Laser Challenge, Ballooning
  • Mindfulness & Serenity: Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates
  • Team Building: Corporate Challenge, Themed Dinners, Amazing Races
  • Culture & Engagement: Italian Cooking Classes, Historic Mansion Tours, Wine and Cheese Tastings

Exceptional Spaces & Stunning Accommodations

Our hotels are created to be adaptable spaces for any group size or meeting style. Every element carries thoughtful intention.

Versatile Venues, Effective Collaboration

Not only do we provide various activities for your company trip, but our spaces are also flexible and multifunctional. From intimate boardrooms to expansive conference halls, each space is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring a seamless, productive and enjoyable meeting experience.

Breathtaking Surrounds for Inspiration

Lancemore prides our hotels on the unique and natural beauty surrounding our properties, serving as a source of inspiration and creativity to our guests. The peaceful settings and stunning backdrops will contribute to a relaxed and open atmosphere, conducive to effective brainstorming, team building and relationship development.

Elegant & Comfortable Stays

After a day of exciting activities and meetings, retire to the comfort of our luxurious accommodations. Each of our rooms and suites is designed to provide a relaxing environment where your team can unwind and recharge. End your day with a soothing spa bath and have a good night’s sleep in luscious bedding.

Gourmet Dining to Satisfy Every Appetite

Dining with Lancemore is an experience in itself. Our award-winning restaurants serve a range of gourmet dishes, crafted from fresh, local ingredients or appealing to an international palate.  A delightful opportunity for your team to bond and socialise over delicious meals and delectable wines.

Dedicated to Incomparable Service & Support

Ready to assist with every detail, our experienced staff at Lancemore is committed to ensuring the success of your company retreat. With close to 40 years of experience, we provide expert care, from planning to execution, ensuring every aspect of your expedition is managed with precision and attentiveness.

Customisable Packages for Your Needs

Have a corporate retreat that is productive, engaging, and enjoyable with us. We understand that every company has different aims, needs and budgets. Our customisable packages allow you to choose the services and activities that best fit your group, ensuring a trip that is both effective and cost-friendly. 

We’re ready to help and pride ourselves on our professionalism and our ability to meet all of your event planning needs. Plan your next corporate event with us and experience beautiful locations, personalised service and a successful team getaway.