Unravelling King Valley’s Charms: Exciting Attractions Near Lancemore Milawa


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Breathtaking landscapes, a vibrant culinary scene, and a warm community. These are elements you’ll find in King Valley, a hidden gem of natural beauty and culture. Steps from the refined comfort of Lancemore Milawa, a local and international favourite among our luxury boutique hotels in Australia, the region offers a variety of activities for nature, food, and adventure lovers. While you’re staying with us, don’t miss out on these unique things to do in King Valley.

Things to Do in King Valley: A Sip of Local Heritage

King Valley’s landscape is stitched with lush vineyards, weaving a story of family tradition and winemaking artistry. Exploring the region’s viticulture is a must-do while you’re here. Just a short drive from our King Valley accommodation, there are multiple estates offering intimate tasting sessions and a glimpse into the winemaking process, complemented by stunning views of the rolling hills. Among these attractions near our Milawa hotel is Dal Zotto, known for its Prosecco inspired by the cool-climate wine-producing village, Valdobbiadene. Their celebrated Prosecco is a featured and favoured choice on the wine lists across all Lancemore venues, bringing a taste of King Valley to every glass.

Feast on the Valley’s Cuisines

King Valley is also every culinary enthusiast’s paradise. The region’s fertile soil produces a bounty of fresh produce that local chefs transform into exquisite culinary creations. The options are plentiful, from rustic farm-to-table eateries to upscale dining experiences. Highlights include handcrafted cheeses from Milawa Cheese, locally sourced meats, and artisan bread, all available within a stone’s throw from Lancemore Milawa.

Feeling like a day in but want to delight in what the region has to offer? Our on-site restaurant, Merlot Restaurant Bar, presents a critically acclaimed menu paired with the region’s finest benchmark wines from both Australia and abroad.

Tranquil Tours at Benalla Botanical Gardens

Escape to nature at the Benalla Botanical Gardens, a beauty among attractions near Milawa. Here, manicured gardens blend with artistic sculptures and a serene lake setting. This picturesque locale is ideal for a leisurely stroll or a quiet afternoon soaking in the botanical beauty, making it a must-visit spot for relaxation seekers.

Brookfield Maze: Wander Among Lush Surroundings

Looking for fun-filled family activities and things to do in King Valley? Visit the Brookfield Maze. Navigate through the intricately designed hedge maze, take in the season’s blooms in the gardens, and make unforgettable memories. This spot is a popular choice for visitors of all ages, and it is the perfect outing that combines physical activity with mental exercise.

Reel in Relaxation: King River Fishing

Engage in the quiet thrill of fishing along the peaceful banks of the King River. Renowned for its clear waters and abundant fish, this spot is perfect for seasoned anglers and novices alike. Cast your lines and catch local varieties such as trout or the Murray cod. With abundant waterways that wind through scenic vistas, it’s an ideal way to spend your day in the sun.

Adventures Under the Open Sky

For those who prefer a dash of adrenaline, King Valley does not disappoint. The terrain offers everything from peaceful cycling trails through vineyards to soaring hot air balloon rides at dawn with our friends at Goldrush Ballooning. The scenic landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for a day spent exploring the great outdoors. Whatever your choice, adventure is always just around the corner.

Connect with Local Cultures

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the many galleries, craft markets, and festivals, such as Feast High Country, that King Valley hosts throughout the year. These events celebrate local talent and community spirit, allowing visitors to interact with artisans, collectors and winemakers. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the valley’s residents and take home a piece of King Valley with handmade souvenirs and crafts.

Your King Valley Escape

Experience the charms of King Valley with a stay at Lancemore Milawa, where every aspect of your visit is infused with luxury and elegance. A stay with us is a ticket to discover this enchanting region and the many attractions near Milawa, returning to a space of exquisite comfort to call your temporary home. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or culinary delights, we offer the perfect base for a memorable retreat.