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Signature Experiences

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    Fireside Feasts: Outdoor Pizza Cooking

    Unleash your inner pizzaiolo and create mouthwatering masterpieces under the open sky with outdoor pizza cooking sessions, where you'll knead dough, layer on fresh toppings, and watch as your creations are baked to perfection in wood-fired ovens, all amidst the beauty of nature.

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    Truffle Treasures: Red Hill Truffle Hunt

    Embark on a thrilling culinary adventure through lush forests and rolling hills as you join skilled truffle hunters and their canine companions in search of the elusive Red Hill Truffles, a rare delicacy prized for its intoxicating aroma and exquisite flavour.

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    Perfect Pairings: Chocolate and Wine Harmony

    Experience the ultimate indulgence with a Chocolate and Wine Pairing session, where the velvety sweetness of fine chocolates perfectly complements the nuanced flavours of exquisite wines, creating a symphony of taste sensations that will leave you craving more.

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    A Toast to Tradition: Vintage Wine Tastings

    Journey through the archives of winemaking history with vintage wine tastings, where you'll sample meticulously selected vintages from renowned vineyards throughout our famous wine region, each sip a testament to the timeless artistry and craftsmanship that defines the world of fine wine.

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    Pinot and Posies

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    Candle Making Workshop with Red Hill Candle Co

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    That Spirited Lot Gin Tasting Experience

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