Creating Lasting Memories: Unique Experiences for Company Retreats


Alamanda Palm Cove by Lancemore Boutique Luxury Accommodation Lobby 2000 x 800 5

At Lancemore, we strive to create an inviting sanctuary with positive energy for all our visitors. Lancemore’s Meetings and Events embody our vision of a life artfully experienced, where individuals discover a profound sense of purpose and connection to their surroundings. Our getaways fulfil the purpose of being an all-comprehensive destination where guests can immerse themselves in a retreat experience like no other.

Destinations That Inspire

Choosing the right location is essential for a successful company retreat. Lancemore offers stunning venues across country Victoria, each presenting a unique blend of tranquillity and beauty. 


Our variety of unique settings caters to all types of company events. Be it an intimate team-building session or a grand corporate gala, our venues provide the ideal backdrop. Elegant ballrooms with bespoke facilities and natural serene outdoor spaces, each location features an ambience that enhances your event.

Accessible & Convenient Locations

Our boutique properties are located within reach of Melbourne CBD and Tullamarine Airport, providing the perfect balance of accessibility and seclusion. From Werribee Park Precinct to the King Valley, Macedon Ranges to the Mornington Peninsula, each venue is a promising locale with an environment that fosters creativity, focus and team building.

Tailored Service in Spectacular Regions

When planning a company retreat, Lancemore understands that the heart of a successful event is exceptional service. Our events team is dedicated to ensuring your event runs smoothly. With a focus on personalisation, we tailor our services to align with your corporate goals, making each event unique and impactful.

Versatile Event Venues for All Occasions

There’s something for every company in our selection of event spaces. Adaptable to your specific needs, each location offers its own charm and functionality. Made to be versatile, our spaces can be customised to fit your event's theme and requirements, ensuring a personalised and impactful experience.

Relaxing & Luxurious Accommodation

After a day full of activities, your team deserves to unwind in our lavish accommodations. Our rooms and suites are designed for comfort and convenience, providing the perfect place for your team to recharge. Buttery soft bedding, beautiful interiors and modern amenities, every detail is thoughtfully considered to enhance your stay.

Tranquil Sanctuary for Everyone

At Lancemore, each venue is a place of escape that evokes inspiration, purpose and growth. Transporting you to a haven away from distractions, feel energised by the sheer beauty of nature’s serenity. A conversation of the senses and an enhancing retreat experience.

Curated Team Building Activities

Engage and invigorate your team with exciting, interesting and recreational activities. Our hotels offer a range of entertainment designed to foster team spirit and unity with consideration of the stunning surroundings. Tailored to encourage collaboration, a sense of common purpose and most importantly, to recharge your team with wholesome activities. A non-exhaustive list of rock climbing, wine and cheese tasting, ropes courses, zoo tours, cooking classes, horse trail-riding and more.

Exceptional Culinary & Sensory Experiences for Every Palate

Delight in our hospitality and culinary service, where our expert chefs create delicious dishes that impress and satisfy. With menus featuring fresh, locally sourced produced and delectable international cuisines, we cater to all dietary preferences. From casual lunches to elegant dinners, add an exquisite touch to your company retreat by dining with us.

Comprehensive Event Planning Services

From the initial concept to the final execution, our all-inclusive planning service takes the stress out of organising your company getaway. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our ability to exceed guest expectations. Create an event that resonates with every attendee with our expert tips and guidance. With tried and tested expertise, we will ensure every detail is considered for not only a successful event but also a memorable one.

An Experience To Remember

Lancemore is committed to creating company retreats that are more than just meetings. We offer unique experiences designed to inspire, rejuvenate, and unite teams. With our stunning locations, exceptional service, comprehensive planning, and convenient accessibility, your next corporate retreat is set to be an unforgettable one.