Bec and Bridge x Lancemore Crossley St


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Lancemore Crossley St became one of the hottest spots during fashion week, with a range of fashion models, designers and influencers making our hotel their home base. We recently had the pleasure of hosting one of Australia's most beloved fashion brands, Bec and Bridge, for their collection showing.

Bec and Bridge showcased their new collection at our hotel, and it was an incredible event to be a part of. The guests looked stunning, and the atmosphere was electric, as everyone admired the unique and stylish designs.

We take pride in providing our guests with a comfortable and luxurious space, and this was no exception during fashion week. Our team worked hard to ensure that everything was perfect to ensure our guests had an unforgettable experience.

As a hotel that has always valued style and elegance, it's been an honour to be a part of fashion week, and we're thrilled to have played a role in such an incredible event. Our prime location in the heart of Melbourne's CBD means that we're always at the centre of the action, and we couldn't be happier to welcome the fashion community into our space. It's not just about the significant events though it's been amazing to see our hotel become a hub of creativity and inspiration.

We're proud to have been a part of such an incredible event and look forward to welcoming more fashion icons and influencers in the future.

Hosting Bec and Bridge's new collection showcase was an incredible experience for us at Lancemore Crossley St. We're honoured to have been involved in fashion week and provided a stylish and comfortable home for the fashion community. We look forward to welcoming more guests and continuing to be a hotspot for fashion and luxury in Melbourne.