Navigating the New Normal: How Australian Hotels are Adapting to Post-Pandemic Travel Trends


Alamanda Palm Cove by Lancemore Boutique Luxury Accommodation Bedroom Apartment 2000 x 800 2 v3

The travel landscape has undergone significant transformations, ushering in a new era of hospitality, focusing on safety, flexibility, and personalised experiences. Australian hotels, particularly those within the Lancemore Group, are at the forefront of adapting to these post-pandemic travel trends. With us, you’ll enjoy memorable stays without compromising on health and safety and experience the genuine hospitality we’ve always provided.

Elegant & Comfortable Stays: Embracing Flexibility

In response to the evolving travel demands, Lancemore has implemented flexible booking policies, allowing you to plan your stays with peace of mind. Understanding the need for safety, each hotel strictly follows health guidelines, incorporating enhanced cleaning protocols and contactless services to ensure every stay is safe and comfortable. Many of our guests choose to stay with us for a sense of respite, and we provide the perfect vessel for your retreat.

Adapting to the new normal also means leveraging technology to upgrade guest experience while prioritising health and safety. Lancemore has embraced technology-driven solutions, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of convenience and customised attention without physical contact. Should you desire the warmth of human interaction, our team stands ready to assist you. Our team, proficient in the art of hospitality, adheres to the highest standards of health and safety protocols. With meticulous training and a passion for excellence, our staff are dedicated to crafting moments of elegance and care for you. Trust in our hands-on assistance to elevate your stay, knowing that every request is met with safety and sophistication.

Personalised Experiences for Every Guest

Lancemore's philosophy centres around offering accessible luxury through unique experiences. This approach has become even more relevant in today's travel environment, where guests seek meaningful and customised experiences. If you desire authenticity and connection, our hotels are a stand-out choice, offering bespoke experiences that resonate with your needs. From curated art collections to intimate dining experiences that highlight local flavours, shape your getaway to your wishes.

Committed to ensuring you feel genuinely taken care of from arrival to departure, we provide hospitality excellence, timeless design and considered culinary experiences. Combined with our hotels’ connection to the local communities, you’ll experience an insider's view of the destination, enriching your stay with neighbourly warmth and tailored recommendations.

Sustainable and Safe Retreats

Sustainability and safety go hand in hand at Lancemore. We create retreats that are sophisticated, conscious and caring towards the environment and your wellbeing. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is woven into every aspect of the experience, ensuring that your stay is both indulgent and responsible.

Dining with us is an adventure in sustainability and taste. Our dining establishments focus on locally sourced, seasonal produce and convey our chef's passion for culinary excellence. Each restaurant is unique to its hotel and locale, from a true farm-to-table journey to a contemporary and relaxed approach to dining. Indulge in meals prepared with the freshest ingredients, directly supporting local farmers and reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transportation. This commitment to local sourcing elevates the dining experience while promoting a sustainable and self-sufficient community.

Our L.M. Spa services have also evolved to ensure ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation post-pandemic, especially with the increased health and safety consciousness. Located in Palm Cove and Werribee Park, our spa offerings are designed to provide a sanctuary where your safety and peace are our priority. With enhanced health protocols and a focus on individual wellbeing and mindfulness, a spa day with us will provide you with a luxurious escape that is serene and safe. Lancemore redefines luxury as an experience that pampers the body and soul while contributing positively to the environment and the local community.

Lancemore’s Commitment to Continued Sophistication and Safety

As we navigate the new normal, Lancemore exemplifies how Australian hospitality can adapt to post-pandemic travel trends without losing sight of what matters: providing memorable, safe, and curated experiences. With our blend of sincere hospitality, flexibility, and innovation, Lancemore continues to invite guests to a haven of exploration, relaxation, and reconnection in a thoughtful way.